Saturday, January 8, 2011


Our Christmas this year was one of the best. We did so much celebrating, I could hardly see straight by the time the day came. It is always so much fun to see the reaction on our sweet little minnies faces. Especially Ren this year, he was so dang cute to watch how excited he was. He gets overly excited lately about almost anything. So Christmas morn was especially exciting this year with his sweet spirit around. It always is so amazing to see each year how much each child changes. Aspyn and Ronin are getting to the pre-teenage years. It is exciting, but also extremely scary. They are not asking for the cute stuffed animals anymore, it brings a whole new dimension to Christmas and "Santa". For the most part, I think it was again a success but glad to have it all over with. I am a very scheduled person, so to get things back under control makes me a little more sane.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Buggy turns 2!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Steel Days

I guess since we got free carni tickets from AF city, and Andy had to work at the parade, we might as well go! The kids loved every second of it. We got to sit right at the intersection that Andy was working, so that made it that much more fun!

My "Special" Olympian

I know I say this every year, but this is seriously one of my favorite things to do in May! It is just so much fun to see how excited they get over the smallest things. He did not care if he was 10th place or 1st. He was just excited to get a hug from Miss Orem. We always love his forrest gump braces on his legs too. He did so awesome this year, and got to go out to lunch at Brick Oven with his family 2 days in a row. Can't even say how much I love this kid, and how much he has blessed our fam! Love you Honks!

Officer Farrer...It's Official

Well, we finally made the career change at 33. It went better than I had expected. Can I just tell you how much he LOVES his new job. He says he works with some of the most awesome guys, and feels like he is finally in the right field for his personality. I think he really likes doing this because it resembles the military a little. He loved being in the marines, but it was just to hard with a family! So, I guess we will see where this takes us. For now, slow down through AF or you'll have Officer Farrer to deal with! HA

Tuesday, March 30, 2010



Monday, March 29, 2010

My Little Tumbler

Aspyn has been doing tumbling for a while now, and just had another meet on Saturday. She is doing so well, and I hope she continues to stick to it.

Cousin sleepover

Since my sister doesn't live here, she decided when she came this winter that we would do a sleepover with all the girl cousins for Kate and Hannah. We took 8 little girls plus Renner, and went to Jungle Jim's for a playdate, and then headed over to Nana's house for a slumber party. It was so much fun, and all the kids had a hayday. They were all really really good, and loved every minute of being together.

Patriotic Program

Aspyn had a patriotic program last month and did such a good job. She is my little performer, so this was perfect for her. Love you Sis!

Never to old for a party

Christopher just turned 24, and it is the big debate where to have his birthday party. The boy just has a place in his heart for Chucky Cheese. Even though he is now "24", he just begs to go there. So, we decided we would try Pirate Island this year, and he loved it. All the grandkids loved it too, so it was a success for everyone. Poor Dad just got diagnosed with Bell's palsy, so the eye patch was not in celebration of Pirate Island. We had such a good time, and always look forward to doing something special for the special little man in our lives. Love that kid!!

Benny & Chris